Ok My husband is now cooking (coz i let him do) and gosh i am so bad at this! Bad at being consistent to blog! Would you believe last entry was in August???

OK i will try to conclude everything – work, friendship, marriage, TTC experience, family, personal development.

(as i am typing this, my husband just could not stop asking me what to put in my baking paper – i try to do clean eating, how many slices of chicken strip do i want to bake, bla bla bla..Don!!!!)

OK i need to declutter my mind.

Ill start with finishing my Osaka entry tonight. then i’ll continue with the above.



Back at it

Back at blogging, one of many things i wanted to do earlier this year. Something was wrong with my site, where it keeps loading but never finished loading and i left it there….

So here i am. It is August 2017. How time flies. And so many things happened in between, that i would like to express and write here in my blog. Work, married life, friendship, personal projects and many more.

What happened in between – from my last post of Osaka (i have not completed it yet, but i will..tee hee) until now. I will concluded it as ‘a very good lesson to be learnt’. It is about work.

I can safely say that i am very oblige, responsible when it comes to work. I do as what I’ve been told. I hate MC unless i really have to drag myself out of the bed. I hate coming late to work and going back home early. I seldom go for lunch. But what went wrong? I forgot that i cant stay stagnant in life. It has to progress. But in order to progress, you have to put more effort in what you’re doing.

I never liked to be seen as a leader. I am more of a cheerleader or  motivator. I don’t instruct. I don’t scold or humiliate others in the office. For me thats not a definition of a leader. But i guess some view it as the above.  Ive decided to be above that. Ive accepted the feedback and decided there is no one should be blamed.I have to make myself happy and in order to do that, i have to be on top of the game. The only person who can fix this is myself. Ive started with my body, mind and soul. I exercise every other day, sometimes everyday. I read book every month. I read at least 5 articles in a day. For the purpose of improving myself. I make sure i spend quality time with my husband. Pray more. Call my parents at least once a week and call my aunts, uncles, cousins, close friends whenever i can. I just HAVE to MAKE TIME.

As usual, husband is very supportive <3.

Alhamdulillah, things are better now. Relationship with colleagues are better at work. I started to understand that for things to heal, it takes time and effort. And i am more motivated to work nowadays because i know i have a purpose there. Lets hope this thing continues for a long time 🙂


Osaka Day 8 – Kaiyukan Aquarium

This is one of my mom’s favorite place to go in Osaka. Osaka Aquarium is similar to Aquaria in KL, but i must say Kayukan offers more species and the navigation is much easier. Entrance fee is about RM90 or 2300Y.


You can see hundreds of ocean species here and whilst walking and admiring the creatures, somehow it made me teared a bit, God and his creation, just beyond words. The visit to Kaiyukan will take you a good 2-3 hours.

More info on Kayukan Aquarium : http://www.kaiyukan.com/language/eng/ticket.html

Before that, we took lunch at one of the Japanese Restaurant nearby the place, and it was super delicious, another thing i fancied about Osaka. They delivered their best. Tidak cincai. Makanan tepi jalan pun sedap.

900Y for this Tempura set

We managed to catch sunset before we left Kayukan, and my husband loves this, watching sunset – i don’t get it though. hahaha.

Next to Kaiyukan Aquarium you can find a shopping mall not so big but quite decent. Apalagi, Aunts and mom pun spent their cash shopping. Don and I just wandering around, poke fun at each other and tried their food. Poor Don had a very bad toothache but still trying to make everyone happy.


Osaka Day 7 -Kyoto

I love Kyoto and the city. The buildings, the crowd, the historical sites, everything in moderation. We took a bullet train to Kyoto which took us only 15 minutes, with the cheapest ticket 1420Y (random seats). Normal train would take you around 45 minutes from Osaka. Having said this, if you really want to feel and enjoy how fast is the train, take the bullet train to farther place, for example Tokyo. Nevertheless, the train is very clean, have its own dedicated area for smoking and super clean toilet.

We went to only 2 places – Kinkakuji Temple and Gion City.

From Kyoto station, the best mode of transportation to get around the city, is by bus. Go to the information counter (I cant remember which floor) and get a 1 day pass for bus – 500Y per person. It is worth the money.

Golden Pavilion a.k.a Kinkakuji Temple

First destination was Kinkakuji Temple or also known as Golden Pavilion. Entrance fee is 600Y. Coated with gold-leaf, you can only view the temple and walk around teh lake where it is located, but you cant go inside. From the temple, start the journey to its surrounding area, parks, small temples, food stalls.

We had fun strolling down the park, taking pictures, bought snacks and hot coffee and sit for a while at random place to enjoy the view. I took the opportunity to pay respect at one of the temple there.

My aunt took a picture with a beautiful Indonesian tourist with a kimono costume at Kinkakuji Temple park

After Kinkakuji temple we headed to Gion City. But it was getting colder. I could not stand!we walked so fast! Had the weather be a bit warmer, Im sure we would have really enjoyed the visit to Gion. I would love to see the real geisha but could not find any. All i saw were just tourist wearing the costume i believe they rented out from the Kimono rental shop.

Beautiful sights around Gion, if we had more time i would have definitely have my lunch or dinner at the district. Time was the only restriction.

Bye Bye Kyoto!

We decided to call it a day, and went back to Osaka, this time via normal train, about 45 minute journey from Kyoto.

Osaka Day 6 – Aunty Nining is coming to town!

Hari yang ditunggu tunggu, ketibaan aunty saya yang kami panggil aunty Nining! To be honest, aunty Nining is the coolest aunt and the one who inspires me to travel the world!


Aunty came afterwards and i was so happy she decided to join us for this trip. As soon as we reached our new airbnb house in Sakai, we’ve decided to go to Dotonbori, one of my favorite place in Osaka. Our new home, is closer to the train station compared to the previous one. Near to Starbucks and you get to see more ‘humans’ too!

We had lunch at a Chinese Restaurant in Dotonbori and packed a box of sushi from the restaurant next door. I must say, Japanese delivered their best even to the smallest details. The sushi was packed neatly and delivered to me in just less than 2 minutes! Everyone was so courteous although it was peak time. How can i not love Japan and its people!

Then we continued shopping for clothes, make ups, and strolling through the Dotonbori streets. It was so packed with people, hundreds of people! Here you can find all kinds of shops but ladies will definitely love the cosmetic shops here!

With the famous Glicoman!
Forever 21
Di tengah hiruk pikuk Dotonbori hahaha!

Osaka Day 5 – Nara

So hard to keep up with the writing! Don’t know how all bloggers do this! Okay continue with my entry about Osaka, Japan.
So day 5, we’ve decided to explore Nara. You know Nara, deer, Todaiji Temple (wooden temple) and its surrounding. The journey from Osaka to Kyoto took us about 45 minutes by train. As soon as we reached Kyoto, we took a bus and you get to see the the town on your way to the park.


NARA is a huge place to explore however due to limited time, (we went out from the house at about 2pm) and we decided to head to just one place – the park and spend time with the deers.

The park is free and if you want to feed the deers, they do sell crackers for 100Y. They were souvenirs shops, food stalls along the street and my recommendation is, to eat and sit by the park and enjoy the view. Just be careful because deer will come to you and try to eat your food too.


If you can, please visit Todaiji temple, entrance fee is 500Y per person. It is the largest wooden temple in the world. It’s huge and if you wish to come here, try come before afternoon so you have ample time to explore.


There is also a botanical garden nearby but we didn’t get to see it. 1 day is enough to explore this city but make sure you start your day earlier in the morning 🙂

Osaka Day 4 – Kobe (half day trip)

I love Kobe. I underestimate this place before coming to Japan, thought it is boring, but i was wrong, Kobe has its own unique characteristics. It reminded me of Pier 39, San Francisco.


The journey from Osaka to Kobe took us 30 minutes, much shorter from what ive read from the internet before. We stopped at Kobe station (last station) and it is about 700Y one way. Weather was perfect, not too cold. We first arrived at Kobe Harbourland, a huge shopping mall consisting of local and international brands like ZARA, HnM, Uniqlo,etc. If you love shopping then, you might be stuck here for at least 1 hours. My husband loved the 100Yen shop there, where you can buy everything at 100Y – lipsticks, food, household, etc. I bought snacks of course!

After wandering around Kobe Harborland we walked to Mosaic, a trinket market place near the bay area, around 200m from the shopping mall. In Mosaic, there are a lot of souvenir shops and restaurants, and we headed straight to Starbucks (my husband needed a coffee fix). What i like about their Starbucks is, they have more selections of beverages and they have small sized cup for people like me – who doesn’t fancy coffee so much.

The view from the Starbucks cafe was just amazing and breathtaking. My husband and I chatted over coffee, people watching and some of the people there did just nothing – just enjoying the panoramic view whilst sipping coffee.

not the best picture, but here with ladies from Russia who have been staying in Japan fro the past 20 years. When we asked why Japan? Their answer were – Japan is beautiful and safe. When we left, they have not left the place 🙂

We stumbled upon halal Turkish restaurant just behind Starbucks cafe and decided to try on their kebabs. 500Y per piece. They do have other selections of Arab food, like Chicken /Lamb Mandy and rice of course.

Hungry face! Sorry guys i forgot on the name of this restaurant, but i do know they have a big Turkish flag flashing in front of their shop

Although it was getting cold, we’ve decided to have lunch outside, still facing the Kobe tower view (just cant get enough of it).

Thank you for the cigar Charlene and Saina
Kobe Concerto is a Japanese restaurant cruise ship from which you can enjoy views of the city of Kobe, a shipbuilding yard, Cape Wada, Kobe Airport, mountains of Suma Alps, Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge, and Awaji Island over lunch, tea or dinner onboard.

One thing i’m sure you have heard of Kobe is the Kobe beef. So we went to Loteria fast food restaurant and tried the Kobe Beef. Not really a fan of beef but it was very tender and juicy. One complete full meal is about 1000Y.

After that we headed down to Kobe Chinatown. A typical China town, other than souvenir shops, there are street food stalls and some restaurants selling Kobe beef menus.Non Muslims can definitely enjoy all the food there! You can get a beef soup at 300Y per bowl.

One of the restaurants there selling Kobe Beef menu

We headed home after a half day trip in Kobe. If i ever visit Osaka in the near future, I will definitely be visiting Kobe again.